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Custom online platforms, marketplaces & e-commerce solutions

Start where others stop

We feel at home where standard online solutions reach their limits.

As specialists for online business, we help companies to stand out with individual web platforms.

If your e-commerce store, your platform or your marketplace needs to be more than standard, you've come to the right place.

You are passionate about your business - we are passionate about the best technology.

Together, we build solutions that your customers love.

Why wunschlösung?

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Technology to deal with tough problems

Our online platforms, e-business solutions, and marketplaces must be equally reliable, scalable, and flexible so that they can actively support the further development of your business model.

We accomplish this with a combination of enterprise-proven technology stack, specialized team, and high standards for our solutions.

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Customer Feedback

"What I appreciate about working with the wunschlösung team is the friendly interaction and the search for professional solutions at eye level. The critical questioning by the team helps to find the best solution - and not only in technical terms. I sometimes have the feeling that the wunschlösung project team understands the business better than many in the industry."

Björn Glaßmacher
Product Owner driviva
PS Team GmbH

Your Dream Team

A team that does not follow blindly, but thinks for itself.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of people and processes and always thinking two steps ahead - that is our claim.

We combine technical excellence with fun in collaboration.

We love finding great solutions together with you and cracking even the hardest cases.