Digital solutions for ecosystems

The classic silo structures in business, administration and society can no longer cope with the increasingly complex demands of our time. More of the same does not help.

Business ecosystems represent a new stage of evolution. The joint value creation of several organisations enables completely new, customer-centric offers and business models.
We support you in the development and (digital) implementation of your ecosystem.

Business ecosystems: Business models of the future

There are many reasons to think about business model innovations. For example, do you want to:

  • … solve customer problems that have so far been poorly solved / not solved in a holistic way and use profit potentials?

  • … counter the increasing cost pressure through added value instead of price wars

  • … manage growing complexity (of customer requirements)?

  • … arm your business model against the threat of disruption?

  • … diversify by expanding your business model?

  • … find solutions to societal challenges (such as climate change)?

  • … uncover economic responses to economic challenges (such as resource scarcity)?

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Business Ecosystems make exactly that possible.
They help to overcome the "silo" boundaries of classic economic structures.

What are business ecosystems?

And why are they interesting for you?

Ecosystem chart: Ecosystems have three different levels of connectivity. From focused partner networks to centralised business networks to decentralised ecosystems.

Business ecosystems are collaboration networks that enable solutions that a single organisation could not implement alone. The actors can be companies, administrations or other organisations.

They go beyond traditional partner networks, where one central player often has access to customers.

What are the fields of application?

Depending on the context, there is a whole range of application fields in which a business ecosystem can make sense:

Industry Ecosystems

They connect different actors within a particular industry, such as manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

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Platform ecosystems

These ecosystems, are platform-based, such as e-commerce platforms, social media platforms or cloud platforms.

Data ecosystems

In these ecosystems, data is at the centre. Different applications and systems are integrated to effectively access and use this data.

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Application ecosystems

They integrate different applications and systems developed for the specific needs of a particular company or industry.

Regional Digital Ecosystems

Regional ecosystems allow companies, public administration or other organisations to tailor innovative offers to the regionally specific needs of citizens, consumers, employees or organisations that would not be (economically) feasible on their own.

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Customers & Partners

How do we help you?

Depending on whether you want to start building a business ecosystem or optimise and/or digitalise your existing ecosystem, we support you on two levels:

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A customised process

Together with our partners futurebrains (focused on business ecosystems) and Ecosystems4Business (focused on regional ecosystems), we have built specific ecosystem frameworks and are constantly developing them further.
Together with you, we develop the optimal concept for your ecosystem or support you in optimising it (ananlog, digital, hybrid). So you don't forget any important steps and benefit from cross-industry best practices of medium-sized and large companies. Everything is adapted to your individual needs.

The right software for your ecosystem

Once the ecosystem concept is in place, it must be clarified how the necessary processes can be optimally integrated. Here, customer and user centricity are just as relevant as economic efficiency.
Digital solutions play an important role if they support the optimal customer process.
For example, do you need a portal where all ecosystem partners can organise themselves?
Or is a marketplace needed to offer common, complex services to your ecosystem's customers? Do you want to balance asymmetries between the supply and demand side? Which existing systems should be integrated, if any? We can help you.

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What does that look like for you?

Together we can do what a single partner alone would not be able to do (economically).

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Application fields in business & industry

Typical fields of application here are ecosystems between companies for the benefit of their common customers.
Be it in the context of

  • technology systems,
  • integration & implementation ecosystems, or other
  • other innovative offers,
    … that offer added value for customers and ecosystem partners.

Application fields in the public sector

Ecosystems can also offer added value in the public sector.
For example, citizen-friendly and efficient relocation services can be realised, where all registrations and de-registrations for energy, water, telecommunications, the organisation of transport, etc. are possible via a central (digital) contact point.
Other fields can be construction & housing, regional shopping, culture, mobility, energy management, sustainability and others.

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How does it work?

So there are many good reasons for business ecosystems. However, they will only be successful in the long term if all participants derive real benefit from the cooperation.
You can read about the phases in which we achieve this together below.


Find and evaluate partners


Design / optimise ecosystem strategy


Positioning & Validating Hypotheses


Pilot & Optimise Start-Use Case


Expand start-use case & add further cases


Optimise ecosystem & enable further added value

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