Merchandising platform

Distribution of advertising materials via internal ordering processes with dynamic budgeting.

For a customer in the FMCG industry with numerous ordering processes for employees and customers, we built a modular store platform on which new ordering processes can easily be created at runtime.

The special feature lies in flexible rules for budgets, visibilities and quotas in order to control exactly which customer groups can receive which articles.
The backend modules are implemented as microservices and can be exchanged and recombined.

The Process

Ablauf Merchandisingplattform von Auftrag bis Auslieferung

Key facts

Initial situation

The customer regularly requires new internal and external ordering processes, especially for materials for marketing and sales purposes. It must be centrally controlled which customer groups have access to which materials.


  • Quick set-up of new stores
  • Easy and modern interaction for end users
  • Centralized control of visibility, budgets and quotas
  • Extensibility and recombinability of functions
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Consumer Goods (FMCG)

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12 months to go-live, ongoing

Projekt Kalender Symbolbild
Go Live

Septmeber 2021

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Project Manager, UX Design, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, System Admin

How we helped

📐 Architecture

Modeling, software and system architecture

💻 Programming

Creation of the backend and management interfaces

⌨️ Systems

Establishment of a scalable hosting concept with integration of multiple partners

Look & Feel

Backend Merchandising Shop
Back office lists
Beispielbild Merchandising Shop
Backoffice Details

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What makes it special

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Sophisticated back office

Lots of filtering options, tables with selectable columns, Excel exports, dynamic menus and breadcrumbs navigation make working with large amounts of data in the back office easy.

Control and distribution

Articles can be allocated to customers and employees, budget limits can be set, and visibility rules can be defined. This gives everyone access to exactly the articles and services that are intended for them.

Kontingent Grafik
Symbolbild Grafik


The platform is implemented as a family of modules that can be recombined and exchanged for new services. This means that new processes can also be implemented that no one had initially thought of.

Reporting & Export Capabilities

Data for operational and strategic reporting is collected by the platform and made available with connectors for Power BI and as Excel reports.

Symbolbild Reporting- & Export-Möglichkeiten

The technology


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Build-management-system for Java


Flexible NoSQL database


Simplifies application deployment through container virtualization


An animation file format


Message broker software


Search server for fast and intelligent search

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