Spare parts store

Reordering spare parts for technicians

We created a store for ordering spare parts for the technicians of a customer in the FMCG industry.

In this process, orders from various sources are intelligently bundled in a middleware and sent in an optimized manner.

The process

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Key Facts

Initial situation

The customer's technicians independently stock spare parts and other materials for maintenance and repairs. They ordered items in largely manual processes from different warehouses.


  • Provision of an internal web store for specific articles
  • Automatic reordering of articles
  • Bundling and optimization of orders
  • Create transparency about warehouse capacity and goods movements
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Consumer Goods (FMCG)

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5 months until go-live, ongoing

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Go Live

August 2017

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Project Manager, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, System Admin

How we helped

📐 Architecture

Modeling, software and system architecture

💻 Programming

Creation of the backend, the administration interfaces and the web store

⌨️ Integration

Integration into the customer's system landscape (SAP, warehouse, etc.)

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What makes it special

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Intelligent grouping of orders

Orders of different commodity groups from several source systems with different priorities are bundled and prioritized for processing in the warehouse.

Automatic reorders

Certain items are automatically ordered by the system on a regular basis without further intervention by the technicians and combined with manual orders.

Symbolbild Automatische Nachbestellungen
Symbolbild Einfacher Web-Shop

Simple Web Shop

Items that could not be ordered in existing systems are made available for ordering via an uncomplicated web store interface.

Deep integration

The customer's system landscape requires deep integration with inventory systems (including SAP, Salesforce, warehouse systems). This creates transparency about processes that need to be coordinated across different systems and parties.

Symbolbild Tiefe Integration

The technology


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Build-management-system for Java


Flexible NoSQL database

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