FAQ about applications

You want to apply to wunschlösung but don't yet know how everything works? Or do you have additional questions about the process?

Then check out our list to see if the right answer is there! You can't find your question, or you have a super individual problem? Then you can contact us at any time!

The application itself:

What is the best way to apply?

The easiest way would be to contact us directly via our form on the job advertisement page. Ideally, you should also send us a link to your resume. Or you can send us an email to work@wunschloesung.com and include your resume as a PDF attachment.

Which documents are important for the application?

A resume. This helps us to learn something about you. We would also be happy if you could tell us more about yourself and your motivation. However, a dedicated cover letter is not necessary.

What if I don't meet all the requirements?

Feel free to apply anyway if the rough fit and interest are right! We attach great importance to the motivation of our applicants and the fit to the team. We can address small knowledge gaps together in case of doubt.

Are all the positions advertised here still available?

Yes, we are constantly updating our website. If a job offer is still on the website, it is therefore still available.

What about unsolicited applications?

If you think we need you urgently but don't yet know it, you always have the option of submitting an unsolicited application. To do so, please indicate in the contact form how you imagine your position and why we should definitely bring you on board.

The application process:

How does the application process work?

After we receive your documents, we will take a closer look at them and contact you in the coming days. If you are a suitable candidate for a position, the process begins with a phone call from Doreen. She will be your contact person during the whole application process. This is followed by an initial face-to-face meeting. Here we have time to ask each other questions and get to know each other. If the chemistry is right, we invite you to a second personal interview with Doreen and the founders. There you have the chance to prove that you are the right person for the job in position-related tasks. If the fit is right, you will then be invited to talk about an employment contract.

Who do I contact if there is a problem?

Our contact person for personnel issues is Doreen. You can reach her at +49 3641 - 55 980 667 or at work@wunschloesung.com.

Can I apply for more than one position?

If the qualifications are right, very welcome! We will then see in a personal conversation whether either a combination or a separation of both positions is possible and makes sense.

Are there application deadlines?

No. As long as our vacancies are available, you can write to us at any time.

Can I change my data afterwards or withdraw my application?

Yes. Please just send us all the necessary information to work@wunschloesung.com.

Is there a dress code for job interviews?

No. We want our wunschlöserInnen to wear what they feel comfortable in. However, the legal minimum of clothing in public is desired and recommended.

Other issues:

Does remote only work?

For us, remote is supported. But that doesn't mean that we don't want to see each other regularly as a team. That's why everyone should work in the office once a week, either in Jena or in Leipzig.

Is part-time also possible?

If not otherwise advertised, part-time is also possible with us. We would like 30 - 40 hours per week, but can also accommodate individual requests.

Are there any special offers for the team?

In addition to the classic offers such as free drinks, snacks and the fruit basket, we offer our employees flexibility above all. Both in the number of working hours and in the organization of their core working hours. We are also happy to help with issues such as a work-related move and childcare. Since the right tools are very important, we let you choose your own hardware and software. Ergonomic workstations are just as much a standard feature as 30 days' vacation. And because personal development is very important to us, we encourage attendance at conferences, external and internal training courses and the purchase of learning materials.

At what point would hiring be feasible?

Gladly as soon as possible. We are looking forward to adding to the team and can't wait to develop further. Once we have found the right person to make this happen, we will be happy to hire at the earliest possible time.

What technology do you work with?

We develop backends with Java and host with Docker. For frontends, we rely on Angular, Vue.js or Nuxt, depending on the project. In the area of databases, we are flexible, but prefer to use No-SQL technologies such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

Where can I find additional information? Is there anything I can do to prepare?

In our blog you can find a lot of information about our founding history, our book recommendations for programmers and other internal topics. We also offer team interviews in which our wunschlöserInnen describe how their work is done here.

Glad to hear from you!

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