Digitalisation Consulting THAT REALLY HELPS YOU

The expectations of customers and stakeholders are high. Time is short and complexity is enormous.

Digital projects are not a child's play.
Precisely because it's about much more than "just" IT.

We believe that only companies that combine analogue and digital processes will be successful in the future.
That's why we not only programme, but also advise and accompany you. From the business model and concept to the successful platform.

You have the idea - we help you with the implementation.

It's not about IT projects. It's about achieving your goals.

We believe that digital business models can only be successful if business and IT are thought out and implemented together. The focus must be on you and your processes, but above all on the needs of your customers - not on the question of what software can or cannot do.

Software is an incredibly important tool for the success of your business model. But alone it will not solve your challenges.
Be it …

  • the validation of your business model hypotheses

  • the reduction of time-to-market

  • minimising the risk

  • the scalability of your business or

  • accelerating and increasing the efficiency of your processes.

All of this has to be considered as a whole. That's why our team of experts will accompany you on your journey - from the idea to the launch and further development of your online platform.

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How do we do that?

Where can we support you?

Business Model Check & Maturity Analysis

Do you want to know where you stand?
We look at your work status together and give you honest feedback.
In this way, we identify critical gaps and optimisation potential and give you tips on what you can do concretely. From A for A/B testing to Z for target group definition.

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Business Modelling, Positioning & Company Building

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Are you unsure how to build the business model of your marketplace, your platform or your portal, or are you stuck at a certain point? We advise and accompany you in the development or restructuring of your business model and help you to get even more out of tools such as Customer Journey, Value Proposition Canvas & Co.

Expert & Interview Network

You know how important contact with the target group and early, honest feedback are. But how do you get the right interview partners? Whether it's customers, target group owners or experts for specific questions, we open up our network and help you - from interview preparation to implementation and evaluation.

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(Online) Marketing

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Everyone knows "Problem - Solution Fit". But what about your "Message - Market Fit"? How do you reach your target group and bring them to your platform? What should you pay attention to in SEO and SEA and which advertising makes sense for you?
So that your platform can unfold its full potential, we support you in aligning your online marketing.

Customer Insights - learning about customers

Many people really like what you do - but buy elsewhere, or not at all.

Why is that? Why do decisions drag on forever? And what can you do if your customers do not yet know the optimal solution?

All this can be explained psychologically and - more importantly - shaped. We help you to understand your clients and their real needs.

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Competitive Analysis & Trend Research

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Who are your competitors? Can you learn from them, or even with them? Are they possibly undiscovered partners?
And how do you avoid missing out on new players?
We help you discover relevant trends early on and make them useful for you and your customers.
With us, you can learn from other industries and approach the topics of competition and trend management in a structured way.

Roadmap development & accompaniment

You have little time and a lot to do?
Together we structure your construction sites and work on your roadmap. In this way you will regain focus and inner clarity. We open our treasure chest of experience and help you with our tried and tested framework. From an optimised target process, to a customer-centric multi-generation plan, to the right launch strategy.

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User Experience & Design

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Your B2B or B2C customers need a special online solution?
But where does the customer journey really begin? Only those who understand their customers (and their customers or goals) from end to end can stand out with extraordinary solutions.
Together with you, we rock the "journey of your customer". We merge analogue with digital and make sure that your customers love your platform.

Financing & Cooperation Models

Your project will cost money. Especially if you are serious about it.
While some can fall back on reserves (bootstrapping), others need external capital.
But how can you find the best solution for you in the jungle of business angels, venture capitalists, banks, strategic investors and funding?
We shed light on the jungle and help you become investor-ready:
From tips to pitch decks to the right contacts.

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Software selection

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Standard software can't do what you need? Our hybrid approach combines the best practices of standard solutions with the flexibility of custom development.
For you, this means: We combine ready-to-use modules and features tailored specifically to you. We combine both to create your unique platform. Efficient, scalable and adaptable thanks to our code generators.
Together we will find your best solution.
And we'll also tell you if you'd be better off with standard software. We promise.

How does it work?


Expert session

Depending on where you stand and which of the above-mentioned areas is your bottleneck, we will give you initial feedback and discuss which further steps make sense.



Together we check where you stand, what would help you and what makes sense in which order. Whether with or without our support.


If useful: counselling & support

If the roadmap workshop shows that you would like to be accompanied, we will tackle the issues together.
How exactly, we will clarify individually.


If useful: Implementation

You can see what happens next here.

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