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We love innovative business models and believe that the future belongs to customer-centric marketplaces and ecosystems.
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Special marketplaces


To be able to offer customers (B2B/B2C/D2C) a better deal (e.g. broader product range, ability to deliver, supplementing products with services, all-in-one solutions by bundling products and/or services)


An operator/community organises and manages the exchange between several demanders and suppliers on a digital marketplace.

You are looking for a special marketplace, or have an idea that connects different providers with different demanders in general, then let's talk!



Generate added value for customers (B2B/B2C/D2C) with several partners that would not be (economically) feasible on their own.


  • Partner-focused:
    An orchestrator takes care that the partners involved can contribute their added values and that an attractive and, as far as possible, unique offer is created and constantly developed further
  • Company-focused:
    A dominant company expands the service offering for its customers with the help of partners who benefit from its reach

Want to learn more about ecosystems and what digital solutions we offer in conjunction with them? Then take a look here and learn more about our customised software solutions.

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Partner management

Often marketplaces are part of ecosystems and help to mediate the different interests, offers and demands.

However, aspects such as partner management also play an important role. Partners can be independent traders (sellers), for example, but also service providers or partner companies. They have to be identified, selected, "onboarded", supported and "enabled" so that a benefit can arise for demanders, providers and platform operators.

You want your sellers/vendors or other partners to be optimally managed and you all to benefit from the cooperation? Then take a look at our approach, with which we jointly implement a customised partner management for you, with which you achieve more together than alone.

Learn more in our marketplace webinar!

Do you want to launch a marketplace but are still fiddling with the design? In the webinar we will share our experiences, innovative approaches and typical pitfalls with you and also discuss specific questions. Sign up! Free of charge, but definitely not for nought!

Want an example?

The driviva car transfer marketplace

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We developed a B2B marketplace for a partner in the automotive segment. The platform enables drivers, freight forwarders and clients to trade vehicle transfers and maps 360 degrees of the booking process.

Our services in the project

💬 Consulting

Workshops, requirements and process definition, architecture

💻 Programming

Programming of the platform based on Java & Angular

⛓️ Integration

Factoring service provider aifinyo & logistics platform Speedlog

Customer feedback

What I appreciate about working with the wunschlösung team is the friendly interaction and the search for professional solutions at eye level. The critical questioning by the team helps to find the best solution - and not only in technical terms. I sometimes have the feeling that the wunschlösung project team understands the business better than many in the industry. For us, it is simply important to have a partner who empathizes with our pain points and with whom you are not just a project number. "

Björn Glaßmacher

International Manager Fleet, Head of Productmanagement Logistics, Product Owner driviva

PS Team GmbH

Customers & Partners

Why wunschlösung?

What technology is behind it?

Our digital platforms must be equally reliable, scalable and flexible so that they can actively support the further development of your business model.

We achieve this with our code generators, exchangeable Java modules, components created individually for you and high-performance frontends.

To get your project up and running as quickly as possible, we have built a Whitelabel frontend that we can optionally use for your project. Thanks to universal rendering, smooth user experiences and optimal SEO compatibility are equally guaranteed.


The language of modern websites


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Flexible NoSQL database


Search server for fast and intelligent search


Container-System for hosting applications

Want to get to know us?

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Jan Christian Waitschies

Christian is one of our founders and managing directors. He is an expert in process optimization and business models.
Do you have questions about digitization and innovation? Christian is happy to share his cross-industry experience and knowledge with you.

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