Misc, Custom software · 24.08.2023

Bye bye #localgutscheining - A review of our voucher portal project as part of the #JenaVsVirus hackathon.

Learn more about #localgutscheining here: how our project brought Jena together in the Corona Lockdown and supported local businesses.

Custom softwarewunschlösungTechMisc
Custom software · 17.07.2023

The difference between online marketplaces, shops, portals, platforms and stores

Find out here what exactly the difference is between online marketplaces, shops, portals, platforms and shops.

Series: Online Marketplace Info

Misc · 07.07.2023

We make our way to the Start-Up Festival 2023

Our Business Development Team was on the road again last week - at the MACHN Start-Up Festival for Tech, Business and Art in Leipzig. Here are some insights!

Custom software · 19.06.2023

What is an online marketplace and when does it make sense?

Find out what online marketplaces are and when it makes sense to have your own. We will help you set up your own marketplace and provide you with the right software!

Series: Online Marketplace Info

wunschlösung · 18.04.2023

Team Interview Sebastian (Project Management)

Today in the team interview:
Sebastian - Project Juggler, Keeper of the Overview and Agile Master

Series: Our wunschlösers

Custom software · 03.04.2023

How do you keep the development costs of your software project under control?

Learn how to control the development costs of your software project. Get tips on project setup, prioritization, scoping and more.

Series: Cost of Custom Software

Custom software · 16.03.2023

What billing models are there for software projects?

Would you like to know which billing models exist for software? We show you which models exist and give you tips on how to choose.

Series: Cost of Custom Software

Custom software · 16.02.2023

What does custom software actually cost?

Are you wondering what custom software costs? We show you which factors influence the price and give you helpful tips for cost reduction.

Series: Cost of Custom Software

Misc · 07.02.2023

Your LinkedIn presence - a little more elegant

You want to adjust your Linked-In profile URL? We explain how.

wunschlösung · 20.01.2023

Team Interview Erik (Support)

Today in the team interview:
Erik - Supporter, Junior Sys-Admin and Hobby Photographer

Series: Our wunschlösers

Tech · 08.12.2022

ChatGPT - A glimpse into the future of software development?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. But how do text generation programmes like ChatGPT affect the lives of developers?

wunschlösung · 28.10.2022

Founder interview with Christian

Today in the interview:
Christian - Digitalisation and Innovation Companion and Business Development Fan

Series: Our wunschlösers

wunschlösung · 28.09.2022

Founder interview with Simon

Today in the interview:
Simon - generator father and guardian, tech all-rounder and project wrangler

Series: Our wunschlösers

wunschlösung · 30.08.2022

Team Interview Theo (Frontend)

Today in the team interview:
Theo - Angular Geek, Front-End Dissector and Outdoorsman

Series: Our wunschlösers

Misc · 29.07.2022

Just MAKE it happen.

That's what our business development team thought last week - and decided to visit the startup festival for tech, business and art in Leipzig. Here are some insights to MACHN!

Tech · 20.07.2022

5 myths about microservices

Are you fans of microservices? Or do you prefer to work monolithically? Why is that? Simon has been thinking about this topic this week - and dispels 5 big myths in this area in our blog post.

wunschlösung · 15.07.2022

Internship interview Svenja

Today in the interview:
Svenja - Orga professional, office beautifier and team supervisor

Series: Our wunschlösers

Misc · 16.06.2022

Networking: Startup Community Thuringia goes Investor Days

Our founder Christian visited the Investor Days Thüringen with the Startup Community. He tells us about his highlights here.

Custom software · 24.05.2022

When is custom software best for you?

Are you unsure whether you can implement your ideas with standard software? Or do you already know that it should be a customised project and want more information? Then click here!

wunschlösung · 05.05.2022

What is our "Huddle"?

Huddle. That's when our team sits together (virtually) and eats lunch with each other. But why is that? And what happens there?

wunschlösung · 28.04.2022

World Day for Health and Safety at Work

28 April is World Day for Health and Safety at Work. Thomas tells us how he and wunschlösung handle these issues.

wunschlösung · 08.04.2022

Max's first month at the wunschlösung

Today Max tells us about his first month at wunschlösung, how it went and what he worked on.

wunschlösung · 07.04.2022

For a healthy soul on World Health Day

07 April is World Health Day. It is important for us to talk about mental health this year.

wunschlösung · 22.03.2022

Eva's first month at wunschlösung

Eva is a Junior Backend Developer and tells us here how her first month at wunschlösung went and what she is working on.

Series: Our wunschlösers

Misc, Tech · 08.03.2022

Women in IT - an interview with Eva

Women have always been an important part of IT. In this interview, learn more about the opportunities and obstacles Eva, our programmer, has faced.

Series: Women in IT

Tech · 28.01.2022

6 tips to protect yourself from cybercrime

28 January is European Data Protection Day. We have tips to help you successfully protect your data and reduce cybercrime.

Misc · 21.01.2022

15 recommended books on programming

You want to read books on programming and don't know where to start? Here are our recommendations for frontend and backend.

wunschlösung · 15.10.2021

Team interview Tobias (Frontend)

Today in the team interview:
Tobias - frontend pro, Angular fan and DJ

Series: Our wunschlösers

wunschlösung · 17.09.2021

Team Interview Peter (Admin)

Today in the team interview:
Peter- server admin, system guard and drone pilot

Series: Our wunschlösers

Misc, Tech · 26.08.2021

Women in IT - The Story of Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace played a major role in shaping modern computer technology. Discover her fascinating story and her groundbreaking contributions to IT here.

Series: Women in IT

wunschlösung · 13.08.2021

Team Interview Vincent (Backend und Support)

Today in the team interview:
Vincent - junior dev, hobbyist-turned-professional-maker and gamer

Series: Our wunschlösers

wunschlösung · 23.07.2021

Team interview Tommy (Product Development)

Today in the team interview:
Tommy - product developer, team assistant and creative mind

Series: Our wunschlösers

wunschlösung · 30.06.2021

Team Interview René (Backend)

Today in the team interview:
René - senior dev, backend pro and chess lover

Series: Our wunschlösers