Custom software for your needs

If you have unique plans for the web, you need an individual online platform.

We are happy to accompany you on your way - from conception and implementation to maintenance and operation.

Together we can implement your wishes cost-efficiently and with high quality.

What would you like?

Custom software - tailor-made for you.

Exactly the way you want it, so that all processes work optimally for you. If you are unsure what is the best solution for you, we will be happy to advise you.

In the following cases an custom software makes sense:

  • There is no suitable standard solution for your problem.

  • You want to stand out from the competition.

  • You want to do something completely new or special.

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In many cases, custom software is also a good alternative to adjusting standard software. Customizing is often more complex than one might think, and standards often have to be bent in order to implement deviations.

Do you have specific questions and would like to have them answered directly? Then we can recommend our FAQ page on custom software! Or would you rather get started right away?


Web apps

We develop modern web applications with Angular, Vue.js or Nuxt - also with headless CMS if required.

We are happy to take care of the concept and design for you.

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Custom APIs

We use Java for backend logic and APIs - preferably as microservices if it suits.
The appropriate administration interfaces are also available on request.

Mobile apps

We provide applications for smartphones or tablets based on web technologies as hybrid apps or progressive web apps (PWA).

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Our FAQs on custom software

Learn more in our webinar!

You already know that you need an individual solution, but you still have no idea which variant is the best for you? Whether it's a platform, portal, marketplace, store or something else entirely - we'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants and help you find the right one.

Why wunschlösung?

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What technology is behind it?

Our digital platforms must be equally reliable, scalable and flexible so that they can actively support the further development of your business model.

We achieve this with our code generators, exchangeable Java modules, components created individually for you and high-performance frontends.

To get your project up and running as quickly as possible, we have built a Whitelabel frontend with Nuxt 3 that we can optionally use for your project. Thanks to universal rendering, smooth user experiences and optimal SEO compatibility are equally guaranteed.


The language of modern websites


Modern framework for robust web apps

Vue js

Lightweight JavaScript framework for fast web apps


Web framework for SEO-optimized sites based on Vue.js


Programming language for robust online backends


Flexible NoSQL database


Search server for fast and intelligent search


Container-System for hosting applications

Want more insight?

We'll give you a brief overview of our wunschlösung code generators and show you how we can use them quickly and efficiently to make your software dreams come true.

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When is custom software best for you?

Are you unsure whether you can implement your ideas with standard software? Or do you already know that it should be a customised project and want more information? Then click here!

Want to get to know us?

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Jan Christian Waitschies

Christian is one of our founders and managing directors. He is an expert in process optimization and business models.
Do you have questions about digitization and innovation? Christian is happy to share his cross-industry experience and knowledge with you.

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