FAQ regarding custom software

Sometimes standard is just not enough. If you have something in mind that no one before you has implemented on the web, you need an individual online platform.

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What is custom software?

The term 'custom software' describes programs that are tailor-made for your specific use case. In contrast to standard software, individual solutions are as lean or extensive as you need them to be.

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When do I need custom software?

Case 1: There are standard solutions for your use case, but they are cost-intensive (quickly more than 100,000 €) or require extensive customization. Case 2: There is no (suitable) standard solution for your task.

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What does custom software cost?

There are various models here, both for standard software and for individual solutions. The prices depend on the scope of functions, the area of application, the number of users and the period of use.

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What are examples of custom software?

Mobile apps, special e-commerce solutions (such as marketplaces) or other web applications (such as service planners) are examples of application areas. Whenever analog processes are to be digitized or digital processes optimized, it is worth considering custom software.

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What are advantages and disadvantages of both types of software?

The biggest advantage of standard software is probably its immediate availability. Systems can be integrated and connected by specialist personnel - usually within a few days. The disadvantage lies in the ease of use and customizability. With standard solutions, you are just one customer out of many, so support and consulting take a back seat. The advantage of individual software is its flexibility, since it specifically maps the work processes that are needed. The degree of innovation is high and the system is flexible according to the customer's wishes. A disadvantage here is the development time, because custom software is not immediately available.

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How do you develop custom software?

To solve the problem of the initially longer development time for custom software, we founded wunschlösung and developed our own code generators. This is software that we feed with information from your project and generates the basis of your application. This significantly shortens the initial development process and ensures that your solution becomes extremely robust and flexible.

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What is your project process like?

In an expert session and a scoping workshop, we determine together with our customers what is important. Based on this, we choose the technology and create a rough concept. We develop backends with Java and host them with Docker. For frontends, we rely on Angular, Vue.js or Nuxt, depending on the project. In the area of databases, we are flexible, but prefer to use No-SQL technologies such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

What's there?

🌍 Web apps

We develop modern web applications with Angular, Vue.js or Nuxt.
If required, with headless CMS.

We are happy to take over conception and design.

💻 Custom APIs

For backend logic and APIs we use Java. Gladly as microservices, if it fits.
The appropriate management interfaces are also available on request.

📱 Mobile apps

We provide applications for smartphones or tablets based on web technologies as hybrid apps or progressive web apps (PWA).

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