Field-Service Management

An online platform for coordinating field service, service providers and technicians

Efficiently manage in-house technicians and external implementation partners: from planning, to controlling and managing maintenance, installation and repair orders.

We developed a web app for a company specializing in outdoor advertising. It supports both the internal service provider management and the technicians in efficient order processing (including installation of advertising screens at the point of sale, etc.).

The process

Ablauf von Monteurtoolprojekt von Kundenbedarf bis Abrechnung

Key Facts

Initial situation

Until now, the customer could only place their assembly orders with service providers by applying a high level of manual effort. The documentation was done with MS SharePoint.


  • Digital documentation of order processing
  • Automation of billing and release processes
Projekt Innovation Symbolbild

Digital signage, electronics, consumer goods (FMCG)

Projekt Kalender Symbolbild

9 months

Projekt Kalender Symbolbild
Go Live

Fall 2017

Projekt Teamwork Symbolbild

Project Manager, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, System Admin

How we helped

💬 Consulting

workshops, requirements and process definition, architecture

💻 Programming

Programming of the management platform based on Java & Wicket

⛓️ Integration

Interface connection to various external third-party systems

Look & Feel

Kartenansicht Monteurtool
Map overview
Aufträge Leistungen Monteurtool
Combined list & service view

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Are you looking for a solution to manage field staff, technicians, craftsmen or service providers or freelancers? And not only in a resource- and cost-efficient way, but also in a way that users have fun with it instead of pushing paper around, drowning in Excel or getting lost in Whatsapp messages? Then get in touch with us!

What makes it special

High usability

Selectable views for maps, calendars or lists simplify the work of the back office team and technicians.

Symbolbild Support
Symbolbild Dokumentation "nebenbei"

Documentation "on the side"

Process-supporting checklists
help with order execution, ensure execution quality and result in automatically generated documentation. Without any additional effort, paper wars or media discontinuities.

High data quality

Integration of barcode scanners, intelligent filling suggestions as well as a plausibility check of data and inventories via API avoid input and booking errors.

Symbolbild Hohe Datenqualität
Symbolbild Kurve

Quick inspection, approval & invoicing

The order can be approved by the end customer on site. Documentation is provided by e-mail.
With the help of documentation photos and extensive logging of process data, customers can carry out an immediate order check, approval or complaint.
It's a good feeling for customers, technicians and clients to be able to successfully check off something again - all without media discontinuity and without paper chaos.

Live reporting & controlling capabilities.

The aggregated information is prepared in specific dashboards and provides a reliable real-time overview of work results, material usage, campaigns, etc.
For example, additional job costs incurred can be quickly localized and tracked in monitoring.

Symbolbild Live-Reporting- & Controlling-Möglichkeiten

The technologie


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Build-management-system for Java


Flexible NoSQL database


A distributed version control system


Build- and automations-server


Web application for project management

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