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Even the best technology does not solve problems on its own. We believe that real added value for your customers and your business can only come from a combination of true customer centricity, short feedback cycles, good processes and excellent technology.

Let's find out together what you really need. We are open to solutions - even if they are not ours in the end.

Because real counselling is important to us. Why? Find out more here.

How do we help you?

Support throughout the entire process

  • Depending on where you are on the journey to your online solution, we will accompany you methodically and in terms of content. In addition to outstanding developers, we also offer you experienced consulting professionals for your project.

  • Many IT companies focus only on technology. In our former jobs as business consultants, process optimizers and software architects we unfortunately saw too often what negative consequences this has.

  • We hate silo thinking and know that only a common end-to-end understanding leads to fantastic solutions. We lay the foundation for this before a project even starts.

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Why are you in the right place?

State-of-the-Art Methodology and Real Experience

Depending on what your situation requires, we bring practical experience and tools from Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Lean Startup, Agile, Business Model Generation, Cultural Insighting and Change Management.

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Open communication

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If we don't know something, we say so.

And for topics we don't know enough about, we have reliable partners we can call in.

In this way, everyone involved benefits from fair dealings with each other.

How does it work?


Expert session

Together we will find out if we fit.


Scoping Workshop

The clean start to your online platform project



If you freestyle, you build at least twice.


You can see what happens next here.

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Want to get to know us?

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Jan Christian Waitschies

Christian is one of our founders and managing directors. He is an expert in process optimization and business models.
Do you have questions about digitization and innovation? Christian is happy to share his cross-industry experience and knowledge with you.

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