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Every project is unique - that's what custom software is all about. However, the development of new online platforms always presents us with similar concepts and tasks. Connecting databases or implementing APIs, administration interfaces and authorisation systems are things that have to be done in almost every project.

This process can be tedious and repetitive - which is why we decided to do it better. With the development of our generators, we have succeeded in automating many standard processes. You benefit from this too: with the wunschlösung code generators, you have more time for everything that makes your projects so special.

Generators for different aspects

We have developed a whole family of code generators that can automate different aspects of online platforms. Among them:

  • Angular management interfaces

  • Java REST-APIs

  • Numerous processes for data management

  • Domain-Objekte

  • Database connections, e.g. for Mongodb and Elasticsearch

  • API-Clients für Typescript und Java und Dokumentation

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With these generators, we can quickly create basic frameworks for individual online platforms and then further adapt and expand them.

How does it work?

The code generators are Java libraries that are integrated into your back-end project. The models that are used as input for the generators and map your requirements are also located there. There are four types of such models:

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  • Domain model: The heart of the system. This is where the domain of your project is captured: What objects are there and how do they relate to each other?

  • Use Case Model: The model defines what actions the users of your application can perform with the objects of the domain.

  • REST API Model: This defines which operations are made available as endpoints via REST APIs.

  • UI Model: This model contains the page and component structure of your administrative interface.

Based on these models, the generators create the different layers and aspects of your application. We have the freedom to decide together on the combination of generators to be used. Do you prefer to have a certain aspect implemented manually? Then the corresponding generator is simply not used.

The generators themselves are designed as a chain of transformations and code templates. They can implement many frequently used functions of online platforms completely automatically. For other, more specific processes, they generate templates that we can easily add to manually. For such features, AI suggestions for implementations can also be generated by integrating OpenAI.

Head Start Built-In

Your projects are not only implemented much faster with code generators - once set up correctly, the generated code is also practically error-free. This makes your software robust and reliable. It also allows you and us to invest more time in the really interesting topics.
In addition, the meta-data from the models allows you to easily implement many functions using the generators that would otherwise be difficult or tedious to implement by hand. These include, for example:

  • Authorisation systems

  • Change tracking

  • Imports and exports

  • Multi-client capability

  • Background and time-controlled processes

  • Status-flows

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We are often asked what actually happens when you adapt and extend your generated code by hand and then realise that you have to make changes to the underlying data model.

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We can reassure you: Our code generators are designed to work with manual adjustments to the code. They recognise these and merge generated and manual changes just as they do when resolving Git conflicts. Most of the generated code is based on intuitive structures and can easily be further developed manually, for example for the flexible connection of interfaces.

In concrete terms, this means that even if you change data models and generate new ones, your independently added parts remain intact. You can therefore continue to maintain and expand your models without having to worry about losing this progress.

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Licensing & Further Development

You can purchase licences for the wunschlösung generators as part of projects or per developer. This way, projects that have been started together can be continued later by your internal development teams without any problems using the same technology. We provide you with the necessary libraries. Or would you prefer to implement your projects independently right from the start? That is also possible - we will be happy to accompany and support you.

If required, we can also tailor or extend generators to your project. Perhaps you even have a use case for which a new generator is needed?
Talk to us about your plans and let us find out together whether the use of code generators makes sense for your project. We look forward to your ideas!

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We'll give you a brief overview of our wunschlösung code generators and show you how we can use them quickly and efficiently to make your software dreams come true.

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