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The wunschlösung was founded in January 2015 with the goal of creating a unique place where good ideas become reality and projects are fun through superior technology and fair cooperation.

We now have offices in the best location in Jena and in the chic north of Leipzig.

Do you want to know more? Then you've come to the right place.

What exactly does wunschlösung do?

We are your specialists for online businesses.

Which means: We help companies to stand out through individual web platforms. Would you prefer more than just standard? Then you've come to the right place! We design, build and manage e-commerce and store systems, marketplaces, logistics solutions, middleware, custom backends and many other forms of individual software.

We accompany you through the entire process - from consulting and development to support and operation. Whether you want to build a new project, expand an existing project or renew an existing system - we are ready to get started with you.

Who is behind this?

Behind wunschlösung is a whole team of people specialized in their fields. Developers, project managers, designers and many more. On our team page you can get to know the wunschlöserInnen better.

Or do you want to learn more about two of our founders? Then you can read interviews with Christian and Simon about their role and their past and future at wunschlösung!

Was ist uns wichtig?

The history of wunschlösung–in short.

"Hi, I'm Simon. The new guy from Berlin." That's how Christian met his bank neighbor on 08/24/2000. That was 14 years before they founded wunschlösung.

In between, there were several joint projects and many years of studying and working. But the desire to develop efficiently, to build something together and to make things better than they are, that remained.

And even infected their environment, because on January 14, 2015, after many preparations, wunschlösung was founded by five shareholders. After coordination on the logo, name and design, things could finally get underway.

And without investors. Pitch deck tied up and off we went - thanks to the good networking of our founding members, it worked.

And it still works today, because many of our cooperation partners from the early days are still regular customers of wunschlösung years later. Since then, of course, we have grown quite a bit.

Two offices in different cities, a specialized team, a portfolio of exciting projects. And many years of additional knowledge. You want to know more? If you're interested in the details of our beginnings, you can learn more in our blog posts on the early days of wunschlösung!

More from the team

Intern · 20.01.2023

Teaminterview Erik (Support)

Heute im Teaminterview:
Erik—Supporter, Junior Sys-Admin, und Hobbyfotograf

Intern · 28.10.2022

Gründerinterview Christian

Heute im Interview:
Christian - Digitalisierungs- und Innovationsbegleiter und Business-Development-Fan

Intern · 28.09.2022

Gründerinterview Simon

Heute im Interview:
Simon - Generatorenvater und -hüter, Tech-Allrounder und Projektjongleur

Intern · 30.08.2022

Teaminterview Theo (Frontend)

Heute im Teaminterview:
Theo—Angular Geek, Frontend-Zerleger und Outdoorbursche

Intern · 15.07.2022

Praktikumsinterview Svenja

Heute im Interview:
Svenja - Orga-Profi, Büroverschönerin, Teambetreuerin

Featured, Intern · 05.05.2022

Was ist eigentlich unser "Huddle"?

Huddlen. Das ist wenn unser Team zusammensitzt und gemeinsam Mittag isst. Aber warum eigentlich?

Featured, Intern · 28.04.2022

Welttag zur Gesundheit und Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz

Der 28. April ist Welttag zur Gesundheit und Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz. Thomas erzählt uns, wie er und die wunschlösung diese Themen handhaben.

Intern · 08.04.2022

Max’ erster Monat bei der wunschlösung

Heute erzählt uns Max von seinem ersten Monat bei der wunschlösung, wie der so ablief und woran er gearbeitet hat.

Intern, Featured · 07.04.2022

Für eine gesunde Seele zum Weltgesundheitstag

Der 07. April ist Weltgesundheitstag. Uns ist es wichtig, dieses Jahr über mentale Gesundheit zu sprechen.

Intern · 22.03.2022

Evas erster Monat bei der wunschlösung

Heute erzählt uns Eva von ihrem ersten Monat bei der wunschlösung, wie der so ablief und woran sie gearbeitet hat.

Intern · 19.11.2021

Teaminterview Tobi (Support)

Heute im Teaminterview: Tobias—Support-Ass, Teambegeisterer und Musiker

Intern · 15.10.2021

Teaminterview Tobias (Frontend)

Heute im Teaminterview:
Tobias—Frontend-Profi, Angular-Fan und DJ

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Jan Christian Waitschies

Christian is one of our founders and managing directors. He is an expert in process optimization and business models.
Do you have questions about digitization and innovation? Christian is happy to share his cross-industry experience and knowledge with you.

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