The history of wunschlösung part 1

Series: The history of the wunschlösung
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In our little series, we want to give you an insight into how our founders Simon, Christian, Thomas, Carl-Gerold and Thomas got to know each other and how the founding of wunschlösung came about.

Chapter 1: From gambling to school newspaper to start-up

"Hi, I'm Simon. The new guy from Berlin." It was Thursday 24 August 2000 and bang, Christian had a new bench neighbour in ninth grade. Somehow they both spontaneously liked each other and so the first day of school ended directly at Simon's home computer playing games. It was still a real AMD K6-2 450 with 64 MB RAM. And the internet still came out of the ISDN socket - if you were lucky with double "speed" thanks to line bundling.

At the time, they had no idea that their budding friendship would lead to a start-up 14 years later.

But before that, the two of them and their friends first hijacked the school newspaper, which had come to a standstill, and published a first new edition at their own financial risk. A number of other issues were to follow later. They published everything from political round-ups to music reviews and kebab tests. Above all, however, the two noticed that working together was quite a lot of fun - despite or perhaps because of their different strengths.

At some point in the time before their A-levels, Simon and Christian threw a few baskets in the schoolyard, as they often did, and pondered more or less great ideas about what could be done and what all didn't yet exist. "Wireless electricity" was one of them, but it took a while for it to catch on. At some point, one of them muttered the sentence, "Let's start a company when we get out of here. And then we'll just try things out until something flies".

They both graduated from high school together and studied at different universities. Simon studied computer science at the University of Jena and Christian technology management at the Technical University of Freiberg. Both stayed in touch, fiddled around with a few ideas and thought about whether something or other could be made into something more. In the end, however, they both decided to finish their studies first and gain professional experience.

Christian worked as a photographer parallel to his studies, first managed a student consultancy and later joined the board of a non-profit development cooperation association that supports a partner project in Uganda.
Simon continued his passion for programming during his studies and built the first fancy applications for various projects.

How Simon and Thomas met and what the basic idea of the later wunschlösung was, you will soon find out in the second part of our series.

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