Car transfer marketplace

For a partner in the automotive segment, we developed a platform that enables drivers, freight forwarders and clients to trade vehicle transfers.

The platform maps 360 degrees of the process from order creation, assignment (low bid or price proposals) and execution to secure billing and documentation.

Freight forwarders can bid and execute their processes more efficiently. Individual drivers gain access to orders from large clients. And clients benefit from more transport capacities as well as extremely efficient and reliable handling.

The Process

Ablauf Driviva von Kundenkommunikation bis Abrechnung

Key Facts

Initial situation

In the previous solution for vehicle transports, orders could only be distributed to freight forwarders according to fixed metrics. Onboarding new partners was time-consuming, which meant that the growing volume of transfers could not be adequately served.


  • Increase in vehicle transfer capacity with simultaneous increase in efficiency
  • Opening up new markets with potential drivers
  • Avoidance of fraud through validated driver accounts
  • Optimized trip planning through extensive search
  • Guaranteed and predictable payments through connection to a factoring service provider


  • B2C-like user experience in the front end, also on mobile devices
  • Deep integration of external interfaces into the core process (transport management tool PS Speedlog, factoring service provider)
  • Extensive registration & onboarding process
  • Enable transparent and direct communication between clients and contractors
Projekt Innovation Symbolbild

B2B: Automotive, Spedition, Autovermietungen

Projekt Kalender Symbolbild

12 months (launch 2019), in ongoing development

Projekt Teamwork Symbolbild

Scrum master, product owner assistance, concept developer, frontend dev, backend dev, system admin

How we helped

💬 Consulting

Workshops, requirements and process definition, architecture

💻 Programming

Programming of the platform based on Java & Angular

⛓️ Integration

Factoring service provider aifinyo & logistics platform Speedlog

Customer Feedback

"What I appreciate about working with the wunschlösung team is the friendly interaction and the search for professional solutions at eye level. The critical questioning by the team helps to find the best solution - and not only in technical terms. I sometimes have the feeling that the wunschlösung project team understands the business better than many in the industry."

Björn Glaßmacher
Product Owner driviva
PS Team GmbH

Look & Feel

Driviva Übersicht
Job overview with map
Auktionen Screen Driviva
Auction List
Driviva Sofortkauf
"Buy it now" option in an auction
Login Screen Driviva

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What makes it special

Location Based Services

With the help of search, transfers can be searched for and found with pinpoint accuracy. This makes it possible to plan tours across several clients and thus optimize return or round trips.

Symbolbild Services
Symbolbild Auktionssystem

Auction system + price proposals

Providers can award rides via a low-bid process or by reviewing specific price proposals.

Checked drivers + approval

Credit check + IDnow procedure + manual check of the profiles by the driviva support team in the back office.

Symbolbild Geprüfte Fahrer
Symbolbild Factoring

Fast payment + factoring

Guaranteed prompt payment through the possibility of real factoring, independent of ride providers.


Providers have the option to limit the desired target group of drivers by minimum qualifications, such as minimum age, existing experience or certificate of good conduct.

Symbolbild Qualifikation

The Technologie


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Build-management-system for Java


Flexible NoSQL database


A distributed version control system


Build- and automations-server


A collaborative interface design tool


Simplifies application deployment through container virtualization

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