Event management and communication with invited guests

For a client in the FMCG industry with regular events, we developed a platform that accompanies the entire process of inviting guests, recording acceptances and cancellations, all the way to guest check-in with digital tickets as QR codes.

All communication takes place with emails and landing pages, which can be designed and created specifically for the events beforehand.

The Process

Ablauf Gästemanagement von Kundenauftrag bis Abrechnung

Key facts

Initial situation

The customer regularly holds large internal and external events and needed a system to accurately record the participants and the data they provided.


  • Reusable and easy to maintain lists of guests
  • Easy and modern interaction of guests with the system
  • Accurate recording of actual attendees for correct taxation
Projekt Innovation Symbolbild

Consumer Goods (FMCG)

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6 months

Projekt Kalender Symbolbild
Go Live

March 2020

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Project Manager, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, System Admin

How we helped

💬 Consulting

Modeling, requirements and process definition, architecture

💻 Programming

Creation of the backend, the administration interfaces and the landing pages

🔖 Templates

Creating templates for emails and landing pages

Look & Feel

Beispielbild Gäste Management
Guest list in backend
Beispielbild Gäste Management
Landing page for guests

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What makes it special

QR codes as a ticket

Each guest receives an individual QR code by e-mail or in the Apple Wallet as an event ticket, which is simply scanned with a smartphone. In this way, it can be easily and accurately recorded which participants were actually on site.

Filter Guest Management

Fancy filters and lists

Because it is especially important to keep track of the many guests at such large events, we have provided lots of dynamic filtering options. Configured filters can be saved and reused.
Sending emails or making changes to the data can then be done directly for all selected guests at once.

Dynamic data per event

In each event, other data of the guests can be queried. This includes master data and attributes such as company names or addresses, but also additional services that can be booked, accompanying persons, image uploads for profile pictures, T-shirt sizes or the favorite band. Depending on what information is needed.

Attribute Guest Management
Template Gäste Management Symbolbild

E-Mails and landing pages

The system communicates with guests via e-mail. So that the mails do not look the same for every event, templates can be designed and tested. Each guest then receives a personalized version of the email with ICS files for their calendar entries!
Likewise, the landing pages can be put together using a modular system.

Live reporting & export options

Guest feedback data and participation information is statistically recorded and can be analyzed in charts and Excel exports.

Reports Guest Management

The Technology


Modern framework for robust web apps


Programming language for robust online backends


Build-management-system for Java


Flexible NoSQL database


A distributed version control system


Build- and automations-server


Web application for project management


Simplifies application deployment through container virtualization

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