For a healthy soul on World Health Day

Weltgesundheitstag Aktion

"I would like to talk more about mental health."
Thomas, one of our founders, told me a few weeks ago. "Mental health? Here at wunschlösung or in general?"
"Both. Both are important."

Thomas is right about that, of course. But I am particularly pleased that we also want to talk openly about it. It is important to our founders that we are doing well. I have experienced this myself in many places where I have received support - unreservedly and without judgement.

But 'our guys' don't just want to help us as a team. "Mental health is an important topic, also for me personally," adds Thomas. That's why we want to do more as wunschlösung. For example, by donating to the Aktionsbündnis Seelische Gesundheit. The organisation campaigns for the acceptance of mental illness, its symbol is a green ribbon. The aim is to break down the taboo that affects large sections of society.

According to dgppn, more than one in four adults meet the criteria of mental illness in the course of a year. Often it is anxiety disorders or depression that plague people. Almost 18 million Germans suffer from serious mental disorders. This can be limiting, both privately and at work. wunschlösung does not want to remain silent. That is why our goal is to make a long-term contribution to the health of the team and the people around us.

We are already trying to reduce the distance between each other by having virtual lunches together. We cook together when possible, do things as a team. We work together in the home office and on the terrace and hold regular (remote) game evenings to maintain an active togetherness even in Corona time. If you want, you will always find support in the team and an open ear for private issues.

But we also believe that we can become even better. That is our goal. To continue to grow, to learn new things and to make difficult times a little easier by working together in a healthy way. This also includes being allowed to have a bad day - and knowing that the team is behind you and, if necessary, has your back.

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