Team Interview Theo (Frontend)

Series: Our wunschlösers

Who are we and what happens here? There is already some information on our team page. But that only answers who works for us, not what our team does. That's why we want to give you some more detailed insights. To do so, we talked to a few of our colleagues. Today we introduce you to Theo.

Theo - Frontend Developer

Hi Theo, good to have you here!

How long have you been here and what exactly do you do at wunschlösung?

I started at wunschlösung at the beginning of the year, in February, and have been here for just under seven months now. After my studies in media informatics, I joined as a junior in front-end development. My focus is on the development of back offices based on the frontend framework Angular. In my daily work, however, I also get to know many other things from the frontend area, for example vue. From time to time, I also get to live out my creative streak in the areas of conceptual design and UI. I especially like the variety and the opportunity to learn a lot of different things. It's simply fun to work here.

How does your work fit into wunschlösung?

I do a lot of development in the back offices that we create using the code generators. My job is to develop and design features for clients and internal projects. Our web developments should feel the way they are intended and planned. It depends on the project whether I create single features or a coherent, small web application. My work is closely intertwined with the backend team, which provides us with the necessary server-side features. Every now and then I also do conceptual work that goes in the direction of visualising UIs. I already did that in my studies and privately. With internal projects, I also have the chance to get a taste of other tech stacks than I normally do with classic customer project work.

What actually brought you to us?

I finished my studies at the end of 2021 and wanted to get out of East Hesse. Leipzig turned out to be my new adopted home. I didn't have anything here yet. So I had to find myself all over again - including a change of job. To do this, I searched job portals in the traditional way. I noticed wunschlösung in a positive light; the team dynamics seemed very nice and the field of work sounded exciting. After graduating, I still felt a little insecure in programming, but I decided to take the plunge. As a result, I was promptly invited. At the interview, I was able to show what I could do and where I stood. That was convincing, because I was hired. The picture I had of wunschlösung beforehand was confirmed during my months here.

Do you remember your first days here? What was it like?

They were very Corona-like in the home office. I remember spending a lot of time in onboarding meetings. The team put a lot of effort into introducing themselves, welcoming me and making me 'work ready'. I met my mentor who supports me to this day when things get trickier. All in all, I'd say the first few days were a lot along the lines of "come on first, get to know us, we'll show you how things work here". All the input overwhelmed me a bit at first. The first two days of work I fell onto the couch in the evening and was exhausted. But fortunately that quickly subsided. Overall, I feel very well received and have had the feeling of being a full member of the team since day one. That is definitely not a matter of course.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Since I joined wunschlösung, I've gone from being an early riser to a late riser. In the beginning, my working days started at 8 o'clock. Now my alarm clock rings at this time. This is also due to the first fixed appointment of the day, namely our stand-up at 10 am. Before that, I dedicate myself to my morning routine and check what's coming up for the day and plan ahead. I often manage to write a line or two of code before the daily. After the stand-up, I often meet with my mentor to discuss the topics and questions of the previous day and the current day and to clear blockers out of the way. Then I develop until noon. After the break, it continues with smaller meetings or more active development time. This varies on different days. Between 6 and 7 pm I call it a day. I am usually in the office twice a week to see colleagues. I really like the mix of home office and presence days. After work, I often go out into the countryside, for example to the park or the garden. The laptop usually stays closed, in the spirit of digital detox. This way I can create a balance to my very digital working life.

What do you want for the future?

In terms of my professional future, I have the desire to learn something new every day and to constantly develop myself. Above all, I would like to expand my knowledge in the area of front-end development. Here, wunschlösung supports me a lot. The team keeps an eye on my goals and guides me in building my skills and my career. I want to turn my programming knowledge from my studies into an excellent developer over time - and I have the feeling that I will achieve that here at wunschlösung. I can communicate my plans for the future and know that they will be taken seriously.

In addition, it is very important for my private life to achieve a healthy work-life balance. It helps a lot that I was offered to work part-time right from the start. In general, wunschlösung supports modern and alternative working time concepts. My 30-hour week allows me a healthy balance between work and free time. I would like to keep it that way in the future. It helps to know that wunschlösung supports this in the long term. I have a job that absorbs me, but still leaves me enough room for other things.

And finally, why the wunschlösung and not another company?

I just love the working environment, I have to say that quite clearly. The togetherness. People meet at eye level and treat each other with respect and humanity. As a newcomer, you are valued just as much as established seniors. This also includes your own working methods, habits and tics. We are all individual and this is taken into account here; for example, through flexible working hours and the option to assemble our own equipment. We can make ourselves comfortable enough to function most productively in a pleasant and informal environment. The relationship with the founders is just as much on a first-name basis as with the rest of the colleagues. As a result, it often just seems fully friendly. We get the option to look into other areas and to grow beyond ourselves. I like that a lot and wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you, Theo! Would you like to know more?

Find out here how the foundation of wunschlösung came about or take a look at our team page. You can also get to know other wunschlösers in our blog.

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