Series: Our wunschlösers

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 18.04.2023

Team Interview Sebastian (Project Management)

Today in the team interview:
Sebastian - Project Juggler, Keeper of the Overview and Agile Master

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 20.01.2023

Team Interview Erik (Support)

Today in the team interview:
Erik - Supporter, Junior Sys-Admin and Hobby Photographer

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 28.10.2022

Founder interview with Christian

Today in the interview:
Christian - Digitalisation and Innovation Companion and Business Development Fan

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 28.09.2022

Founder interview with Simon

Today in the interview:
Simon - generator father and guardian, tech all-rounder and project wrangler

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 30.08.2022

Team Interview Theo (Frontend)

Today in the team interview:
Theo - Angular Geek, Front-End Dissector and Outdoorsman

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 15.07.2022

Internship interview Svenja

Today in the interview:
Svenja - Orga professional, office beautifier and team supervisor

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 22.03.2022

Eva's first month at wunschlösung

Eva is a Junior Backend Developer and tells us here how her first month at wunschlösung went and what she is working on.

wunschlösung · 15.10.2021

Team interview Tobias (Frontend)

Today in the team interview:
Tobias - frontend pro, Angular fan and DJ

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 17.09.2021

Team Interview Peter (Admin)

Today in the team interview:
Peter- server admin, system guard and drone pilot

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 13.08.2021

Team Interview Vincent (Backend und Support)

Today in the team interview:
Vincent - junior dev, hobbyist-turned-professional-maker and gamer

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 23.07.2021

Team interview Tommy (Product Development)

Today in the team interview:
Tommy - product developer, team assistant and creative mind

blog.tag.Team, wunschlösung · 30.06.2021

Team Interview René (Backend)

Today in the team interview:
René - senior dev, backend pro and chess lover