Tech · 08.12.2022

ChatGPT - A glimpse into the future of software development?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. But how do text generation programmes like ChatGPT affect the lives of developers?

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Tech · 20.07.2022

5 myths about microservices

Are you fans of microservices? Or do you prefer to work monolithically? Why is that? Simon has been thinking about this topic this week - and dispels 5 big myths in this area in our blog post.

Misc, Tech · 08.03.2022

Women in IT - an interview with Eva

Women have always been an important part of IT. In this interview, learn more about the opportunities and obstacles Eva, our programmer, has faced.

Series: Women in IT

Tech · 28.01.2022

6 tips to protect yourself from cybercrime

28 January is European Data Protection Day. We have tips to help you successfully protect your data and reduce cybercrime.

Misc, Tech · 26.08.2021

Women in IT - The Story of Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace played a major role in shaping modern computer technology. Discover her fascinating story and her groundbreaking contributions to IT here.

Series: Women in IT

Tech · 31.03.2021

World Backup Day 2021 - No Backup - No Mercy!

31 March is World Backup Day. Learn how to make effective backups and what happens when you don't.

Tech · 22.03.2021

Why racism also plays a role in technologies and racial literacy can be part of the solution

On the occasion of the Day Against Racism, we want to look at the role of racism in technology and racial literacy as a way to improve it.

Misc, Tech · 08.03.2021

Women in IT - The Story of Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper shaped the history of women in information technology and of IT itself. Learn more about her here.

Series: Women in IT

Tech · 28.01.2021

5 Open Source Alternatives to Google Analytics

On the occasion of European Data Protection Day 2021, here's info on 5 open source alternatives to Google Analytics.