wunschlösung · 20.01.2023

Team Interview Erik (Support)

Series: Our wunschlösers

Who are we and what happens here? There is already some information on our team page. But that only answers who works for us, not what our team does. That's why we want to give you some more detailed insights. To do so, we talked to a few of our colleagues. Today we introduce you to Erik.

Hi Erik, good to see you!

How long have you been with wunschlösung and what exactly do you do?

I've been with wunschlösung for six and a half months and work primarily as technical support. Depending on my workload, I also help out in other tech areas, tinker with front- and backends and support our sys admin Peter.

How does your work fit into wunschlösung?

As a supporter, I'm always in contact with the rest of the team. It always depends on who is available at the moment to deal with issues, but you are already very involved.

My day-to-day work in support focuses mainly on the customers. I do what I can to make sure they are satisfied, that requests are processed quickly and that everything runs smoothly.

What actually brought you to us?

My answer is quite unspectacular. Before I came to wunschlösung, I worked independently. But in the long run, I wanted a bigger environment and a cool team around me. Fortunately, that worked out here. The path to wunschlösung was quite ordinary. I clicked through various job boards, sent applications to the companies that sounded interesting and then received a response from Doreen relatively quickly.

The application process gave me a good feeling right from the start, even in the preliminary interviews, which was then confirmed when I met the founders. I was particularly impressed by the team, the pleasant working environment and our founders themselves. It helps not to have bosses who constantly micromanage you.

Do you remember your first days here? What was it like?

It doesn't feel like I've been here half a year yet. More like one to two months, but I assume that's a good thing. I was lucky, my first day was a Friday. It was very relaxed because I could arrive in peace, look around and get to know the team. In onboarding, I learned how everything works and how the processes work here. Vincent actively supported me as a mentor in the first few weeks and we found a good way of working together and sharing knowledge. I was thrilled at how quickly and well it worked to get the knowledge out of Vincent's head and into mine. Although the first few days were focused on me finding my way into the team in a relaxed way and getting started with the processes, I learned a lot even then.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

My working days usually start around 7:30. That's when my alarm clock rings. After getting ready, it's off to the office, I'm not a morning person so I don't drag it out like that. Once I'm in the office, I check the support mailbox. I check the tickets and sort out and process the first requests, should there be any.

Our daily meeting starts at 10 am. We use this to make arrangements and clarify who needs support where and how we distribute the topics. Then follows a productive block of work until lunch. After that, we continue with my topics.

I don't really have a standard day, because the work in support is very varied. Some days I want to add a few hours because topics are so broad and I don't want to leave anything unanswered, on many others only small topics come in all day, if at all. Then I take a supporting role for the rest of the team, in which I am very variable.

Most days I work until around 5pm, unless there are deployments or other important issues, in which case it can go on a bit longer.

What do you want for the future?

As for wunschlösung, I would like to keep the mode in which I work. Meaning, I am mainly active in support, but I can also continue to work and tinker on other topics to learn more. I find all sorts of areas interesting and would like to develop into an all-rounder. I also believe that I have the opportunity to do this here and learn a lot of new things.

Und finally, why wunschlösung and not another company?

There was a point in my application phase when I could choose between wunschlösung and two other companies. That's when I asked myself the question.
I think it's good to work in a smaller team. I'm not so good with names and faces, especially when it comes to a hundred employees. And I don't want to disappear into the masses. Professionally, I'm still relatively at the beginning, so it's simply easier to get involved in smaller companies. You know the people, you create better and more productive results. And I got a good impression of our team right from the start. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Fortunately, that has also been confirmed in the long term.

Thank you, Erik!

Would you like to know more?
Find out here how the foundation of wunschlösung came about or visit our team page. You can also get to know other wunschlösers in our blog.

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